Update to UAT Firmware

1 Introduction

This document is intended to help users manually update the IPC firmware to the UAT version for deployment and debugging in the UAT environment.

2 Get Firmware

Please consult Sunmi Technology Customer Service for the latest firmware of your devices and do not use any third-party firmware which may cause malfunctions.

  • UAT firmware for the Face Sense Camera (or FS & FM020): Part1, Part2.
  • UAT firmware for the Store Sense Camera (or SS & FM010): Download here.

The downloaded files need to decompress to get firmware. Customer can decompress the file with winrar or other decompression software. For FM020, the 2 downloaded files should be in the same folder before decompression.

3 Notes

  1. Firmware is not interchangeable and you should use correct firmware for your device.
  2. The versioning convention of IPC firmware is like 1.2.0-release for release environment and 1.2.0-uat for UAT environment. The device can only be updated to a different version.
  3. Verification will be performed to ensure the firmware is correctly signed before actually updating. Please make sure the firmware comes from Sunmi Technology to prevent malfunctions or bricks after updating.

4 Update Procedure

4.1 Copy the firmware to the SD-card

  1. Plug the SD-card into a computer, format the SD-card with EXFAT file system and set the volume label to “SUNMI-XXXX” where “XXXX” is the last four digits of the MAC address which is on the label of the device.
  2. Create a “firmware” directory in the SD-card’s root directory, copy the firmware file here and rename it to “ipc-up.bin”.

4.2 Update

  1. Insert the SD-card with firmware inside into the IPC.
  2. Power on the IPC.
  3. Wait for around 1 min until the red LED blinks, indicating it is updating.
  4. Wait for around 1 min, if the red LED is off and green LED is on that means the device is going to reboot. The updating procedure completes when the green LED is flashing or the blue LED is on.

4.3 Setup

  1. After rebooting, hold the Reset button for a few seconds to restore the factory settings.
  2. Follow  the procedures in the User Manual to setup your device and bind it to your account.
  3. If the SD-card is unformatted, use the Sunmi Assistant App or go to https://store.uat.sunmi.com and follow steps in 4.2 to format the SD-card.
  4. Remember to delete the “ipc-up.bin” file under the firmware directory in the SD-card, preventing any accidently update.