Error Code

The list of all error codes returned by the API call is as follows:

Error Code Description
0 Normal, operation successful
1 App_id is Illegal
2 Validity check failed
3 Unknown error
4 The device requesting activation is not networked
5 App_id or secret key error
6 URL error
7 Device not activated
8 Device activation failed
9 Device activated, no need to reactivate
10 Device bound, activation failed
11 SN error, activation failed
100 SSID does not meet specification
101 Illegal password
110 Illegal focus range
111 Illegal focus area
112 Auto focus percentage error
113 Illegal parameters of night vision mode
114 The sensitivity of dynamic detection screen is illegal
115 The sensitivity of dynamic sound detection is illegal
116 Illegal date for dynamic detection
117 Illegal start time or end time of dynamic detection
118 Name length out of range
119 Parameter error of indicator switch
120 Illegal rotation parameter
121 Video data does not exist in the specified time period
122 he specified page number does not exist
200 Face group duplicate name
201 Illegal face group name
202 Packet capacity out of range
203 Face group ID does not exist
204 The specified face group does not exist
205 To delete face groups and faces, please delete all faces in the group first
206 The same face ID exists
207 The specified face ID does not exist
208 Beyond the capacity of face grouping
209 Face ID operation not allowed
210 Face photo is unqualified
211 Face service not started
212 Illegal face grouping description
220 SD card does not exist
221 SD card format failed for unknown reason
230 Incorrect parameters for playback time
231 Incorrect parameters for querying recording time
232 RTSP service not started
233 Screenshot unsuccessful
234 The page parameter of the query video is incorrect
235 Video does not exist
240 Illegal face attribute name
241 Duplicate name of face attribute
242 The number of face attributes exceeds the maximum limit
243 The specified face attribute does not exist
260 X coordinate of left end point of mixing line is out of range
261 Y coordinate of left end point of mixing line is out of range
262 X coordinate of right end point of mixing line is out of range
263 Y coordinate of right end point of mixing line is out of range
264 Resolution setting out of range
265 People flow statistics granularity parameter out of range
266 Start time setting exception, UNIX time stamp must be used
267 End time setting exception, UNIX time stamp must be used
268 Query parameter (order) setting exception
269 Query parameter (group name) setting exception
270 Query parameter (gender) setting exception
271 Query parameter (age) setting exception
272 Query parameter (age_range) setting exception
273 Query parameter (page_num) setting exception
274 Query parameter (page_size) setting exception
275 Query parameter (faceid) setting exception
276 X coordinate difference between right end point of mixing line and left end point of mixing line is less than 100
277 The passed in parameter is not a reasonable JSON table format
278 Configuration save failed
279 Configuration read failed
280 No face information found in database
281 Time zone exception
282 Human detection parameter exception
283 Not exist facial feature in the picture
284 Query parameter (user added face attribute) setting exception
285 Query parameter (user added face attribute value) data type setting exception
310 The subscribed message event does not exist
311Callback URL invalid