K2Mini Second Screen Display

K2mini is a special self-service device, the two screens all could be set as main screen, you can refer the code below to adapt:

Double screen function:
We use class called :Presentation to implement the different display on the double screen:
First is the permission
Create a class to extend Presentation
public class TextDisplay extends Presentation

To get the second screen

public Display getPresentationDisplays() {
DisplayManager mDisplayManager = (DisplayManager) getSystemService(Context.DISPLAY_SERVICE);
displays = mDisplayManager.getDisplays();
for (int i = 0; i ‹ displays.length; i++) {
Log.e(TAG, “Screen” + displays[i]);
if ((displays[i].getFlags() & Display.FLAG_SECURE) != 0
&& (displays[i].getFlags() & Display.FLAG_SUPPORTS_PROTECTED_BUFFERS) != 0
&& (displays[i].getFlags() & Display.FLAG_PRESENTATION) != 0) {
Log.e(TAG, “First real second screen” + displays[i]);
return displays[i];
return null;

Display the second screen



If you want the main screen Activity to return to the desktop, the secondary screen View is still displayed, you can use the following code to complete:

getWindow()/*second screen

Note: When adding this type of Window to a normal application, you need to use the following code to apply for permission

if (!Settings.canDrawOverlays(this)) {
     Toast.makeText(this," 请同意显示窗口权限 ", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
     startActivity(new Intent(Settings.ACTION_MANAGE_OVERLAY_PERMISSION));