Code Scanner Engine(Infrared scan code)

Please refer to Sunmi Scanner User Guide (pdf) for scanner development.

1. Recognizable code List

Different Scanner models support different code types. The following table lists some supported code types:

Scanner Models Code Type
L2 Newlandcode128, uccean128, ean8, ean13, upce, upca, itf, matrix, code39, codabar, code93, isbn, industrial25, standard25, Plessey, code11, msiplessey, pdf417, qr, datamatrix, hanxin
L2 Zebraauspostal, Aztec, chinese25, codabar, code11, code128, code39, code93, itf, pdf417, compositeab, composite, uccean128, ean8, ean13, issnean, isbn, upca, upce, upce1, matrix, discrete25, msiplessey, gs1databar, qr, datamatrix, hanxin, maxi, isbt128, korea35, uspostnet, usplanet, ukpostal, japanpostal
P2lite and V2 scannercode128, uccean128, ean8, ean13, upce, upca, interleaved2of5, matrix2of5, code39, codabar, code93, code11, isbn, industrial2of5, standard2of5, plessey, mis-plessey, issnean

the following picture shows L2 Zebra and L2 Newland scanner:

Zebra                                                    Newland

For L2, NewLand & Zebra are both available.

For V2 and P2lite, please note NewLand & Zebra supports different code types, please choose as you need.

You can manage recognizable codes with following steps:

  1. Click “Decoders“on the “Scanner Settings” page;
  2. Select to On or Off the in the decoders list, by default all codes are turned on.

2. Character Set

You can choose the output encoding on the “Character Set Selection” page . The default encoding is UTF-8 and you can switch to others: UTF-8, GBK, ISO-8859-1, and SHITF-JIS.

3.   Prompt Mode

You can change the configuration on the “Prompt mode” page. By default, beep voice and vibrating are both enabled.

4. Data Output Mode

These settings are on the “Data Output mode” page. By default, select the output mode of “Simulate keystorke”, “Send Enter key” and “Output via broadcast”.

5.  Trigger Mode

The user can select trigger mode on the “Scan Mode” page. By default, “Trigger mode” is turned on. The scanner will then automatically turn off after the scanning process got finished.

Note: The behavior of New World and Zebra are different in “short press trigger and continuous code scanning” options.
1. For NewLand code scanner, when the option is selected, the scanner will go out after staying for a while, and then light again to start scanning, the process continually repeats like this.
2. For Zebra code scanner, when the option is selected, the scanner will stay lit. Unless the code scanning key is pressed again, the scanner will not go out. however, please note the same code will only be producing once.


1.Q: How to use code scanner?

A: For the convenience of developers, Sunmi has made the code scanner a development-free device. General users can obtain the code scanning content without development against the code scanner.

2.Q: How to obtain the code scanning result?

A: Sunmi has provided three types of data output methods.
1)Simulated keyboard: it will simulate the code scanning result into button event, and will automatically output it to the focus frame text. The user can obtain the code scanning result by obtaining the focus frame content or monitoring the button event;
2) Direct filling: it will copy the code scanning result onto the clipboard and automatically output it to the focus frame text. Compared to the output method of simulated keyboard, direct filling has a faster output speed;
3) Broadcast output: it will broadcast the code scanning result and the user
can monitor the broadcast to obtain the code scanning result.

3. Q: Inconsistent continuous code scanning result?

A: The input method will affect the input result of code scanning. It is already known that the input method of Baidu millet version will affect the output of code scanning result, and you can replace it with Google pinyin input method.

4. Q: The code scanning result is slow to get?

A: If you have selected the output method of simulated
keyboard, the button interval time will affect the output speed. You will get
the fastest speed when the setting is zero. (zero by default)

5. Q:Camera code scanning needs to be compatible with scanner code scanning?

A: L2 Zebra code scanner and the camera cannot be enabled at the same time. The user can distinguish Sunmi device from other devices by
judging its model. To use side key for code scanning on Sunmi devices.

6. Q: Software triggers code scanning?

A: You can refer to aidl port in L2 User Guide. The code scanning service provides the port for soft trigger.

7. Q: Messy codes occur when scanning Chinese QR code?

A: When analyzing QR code with Chinese, it is necessary to match the output coding with the coded format of Chinese in QR code. For example: the coded format of the Chinese in QR code — “你好” is UTF-8; “你好” can only be correctly output by setting UTF-8 in terms of the output coding of code scanner, otherwise messy codes will be output.

8.Q: Is OCR supported?

A: Yes, the Chinese ID card 18-digits recognition is available for scanner model SS1100.

9.Q: What is the call and output of OCR?

A: You can use the same method for development, please refer to: Sunmi Scanner User Guide .

10.Q: Does the OCR function require license?

Yes. When you received a message “No license file, please apply for license!” or” Failed to initialize the character recognition SDK, please check the license and configuration files!” and you do want to test the Chinese ID card OCR function, please contact your salesperson or May ( for license. To apply for license, provide the device SN and keep the device online when sending license files remotely. After the license file is sent to “/sdcard/ SunmiRemoteFiles/ license_ocr. txt ” , the license would work after restarting APP.

If a wireless network is bind to license, the Wi-Fi must be turned on ( but no need to connect to the Internet) when using the APP ; If a wired network is bind to license, the APP still works with Wi-Fi is Off.