Printing Service

  • Built-in printer

Brief introduction of print Connection mode: Bluetooth (Bluetooth device name: InnerPrinter), AIDL, JS bridge. Third party APP can carry out print business by way of connecting built-in printer. Sunmi printer contains the following functions: thermal printer with two print specifications of 58 & 80 mm, cutter (partial devices), cash drawer (partial devices), customer display (partial devices)

Development documentation

Sunmi’s print function interfaces are mostly reusable, and they are slightly different according to different models. The documentation is applicable to the following models: V series (V1), P series (P1, P1-4G, etc.), V1S series, T series (T1, T2, etc.), S series (S2, etc.), Mini series (T1mini, etc.)

The printer is compatible with ESC&POS instructions, which are slightly different from standard ESC&POS instructions

The developers can realize the operating mode & interface invocation method by referring to the development documentation of built-in printer, and realize escpos instruction set supported by Sunmi through instruction documentation

Development documentation of built-inprinter

ESCPOSinstruction documentation

P series & V1S & V2 AIDL documentresource

T series & S series AIDL documentresource,

Mini series AIDL document resource

V series AIDL document resource

If it is necessary to make compatible the print functions of different models, we can provide a type of remote import solution. The user doesn’t need to place AIDL resource into the project, he/she only needs to increase dependency in gradle and thus can realize printing by use of the same codes on different models. Please refer to instructions:
Printing service’s compatibility solution for concretedetails

Sunmi printing service demo

Sunmi provides print demo & source code, supports common print functions. For example: print QR code, print bar code, print pictures, print characters in various countries’ languages, print tables, etc. demo supports two connection types of Bluetooth & aidl. The developers need to equip different Sunmi devices with different AIDL files when developing print functions.

Universal print demo: print Demo sourcecode

Sunmi has provided a simple & easy method to invoke the printer’s demo by way of JS. The developers can invoke the printer through network by referring to demo.

JS print demo: eclipse Demo   Android Studio Demo

If the user needs to print out the content of the web page end through Sunmi printer. Besides the js method, he/she can also realize it by way of android native print function. Sunmi has provided a print plug-in to support. The user can search Sunmiprinterplugin through Sunmi App market. After download & installation, he/she can immediately print the web page content through the browser’s print function. Download from App market and print. It can support screenshot print and camera-shooting print and there are two optional print methods of Black & White and jitter gray level (already supporting V1 device currently).

Demo source code | AIDL file

JS:JS Demo Eclipse | Android Studio

  • Self-service printed documentation for SunmiK1/K2

Receipt Printer

Self-service printing development document

self-service printing AIDL document resources

Ticket Printer

Ticket Printer Development Document

Ticket Printer Development Resources

A4 Printer

A4 Printer Development Document

A4 Printer Development Resources