Capability Integration Guide

SUNMI provides dozens of capabilities such as VAS capabilities and OS capabilities. You can integrate those capabilities into the cloud apps or Android apps you built through different methods.
Please first create the app, link the capabilities needed and then debug.

I. List of Capabilities

1.Click [My Capabilities] to view all the capabilities that can be integrated.

2.Click [Details] to view the basic info of the capabilities.

3.Click [Integration] to view the apps integrated.

II. Create Apps and Integration Capabilities

1.Log into [SUNMI Partners] and become a [Developer], click [Development]-[Apps Integration]

2.Click [Apps Integration], and [Create Apps] will pop up.
If the integration method of the capabilities is Cloud-to-Cloud, you need to create Cloud apps; if the integration method of the capabilities is End-to-End, you need to create Android apps.
If the integration methods of the capabilities are all accessible, you can create Cloud apps or Android apps as needed.

3.After Apps are successfully created, click Apps Integration and enter [App Details] to link capabilities as needed.

4.Select [Add Capabilities] to link the apps and capabilities.

5.After the apps are successfully linked to the capabilities, the interface corresponding to the capabilities can be called.