Main Concepts

Sunmi Technology

Shanghai Sunmi Technology Co., Ltd is an innovation-type science-and technology enterprise that is focused on providing professional intelligent commercial hardware devices with higher cost performance to O2O Internet platform, software developers, small and medium merchants.

Sunmi hardware devices Intelligent commercial hardware currently & mainly promoted by Sunmi includes V2PRO,  T2,  M2,  T2mini .  The devices are applied in a series of business scenarios such as take-out orders, printing receipts, scanning, make collections, group-buying cancel after verification, order reservation, etc.


Sunmi devices run SUNMIUI system, which is an operating system deeply optimized & improved based on Android to support installing common App based on Android system.It is deeply customized especially for intelligent commercial scenarios, acting in cooperation with each other inside &outside in terms of operating experience,performance enhancements and product appearance design and bringing out the best in each other.It enables the user to enjoy more professional & systematic software service experience while using the hardware.

App market

Sunmi has an internal App market and the partner can distribute his/her own App in large scale to Sunmi devices via App market. Partial partners can have an App market managed by himself/herself.
Their default own device users can only install App for the device via App

Sunmi partners

Sunmi will set a relevant role for the registrant when “Register Partner” is reviewed. The partner can contact Sunmi customer service 400-6666-509 (everyday 9:00 ~ 21:00, except the holidays) to inquire about the authorization of the relevant permissions. Currently, Sunmi has three types of partners:

1.Platform partners

They can develop App matching Sunmi devices and manage their own App markets. They can also control the App market to enable it to only display App wanted by themselves, and upload the App, which can appear in their own App markets without Sunmi review. By default, Sunmi can review to decide whether certain App be downloaded in another App market. The
platform partner can also set their own Apps to enable them not to appear in other App markets.

2.Ordinary developers

They can develop App matching Sunmi devices and upload the App to Sunmi App library. Ordinary users can download it after passing Sunmi review.

3.Ordinary channel partners

They can maintain one their own App market for his/her own devices, and make a choice that only the Apps wanted by himself/herself appear in App market, but cannot upload App. Every Sunmi partner can register Sunmi partner account number on Sunmi official network, having his/her own operating backstage. In principle, every Sunmi device will be bound to a partner account number when it is being sold out, and Sunmi will provide the control service for partial functions & permissions taking the partner as a unit.